About Us

Who are we, you ask? Picture this: a troop of language-loving, slang-slinging ninjas traversing the urban jungles of the world, from the hip streets of Brooklyn to the spirited alleys of London, the vibrant lanes of Mumbai to the bustling walkways of Sydney. We leap from conversation to conversation, gathering all the fresh jive, cool lingo, and cryptic colloquialisms, bringing them right to your screen. Why? Because communication is key, and we believe no one should feel like a total “noob” in a foreign verbal territory!

Mission: You know that awkward moment when everyone’s chuckling over a phrase that sounds like it’s from Mars? No more! Our mission is to ‘translate’ the wild, often baffling world of global slang, turning “What did they just say??” into “Aha, I’m in the know!”

This is a cute duckling kung fu fighter with nunchaku ninja weapon funny conceptual image.