Slang Meanings

plonker silly or foolish

Plonker British Slang Meaning?


A playful British slang term, 'plonker' reveals the charming side of calling someone foolish—discover its origins and more.

plank british slang definition

Plank British Slang Meaning?


A quirky dive into how 'plank' evolved from timber to a playful British slang for intelligence—discover the rich history behind this word.

pixie slang term explained

Pixie Meaning in British Slang?


Marvel at how 'pixie' in British slang transcends folklore, embodying whimsy and style with a mischievous twist—discover its cultural depth.

british slang for urinate

Piss Meaning in British Slang?


Wondering about the colorful uses of 'piss' in British slang? Discover how it ranges from annoyance to intoxication and beyond.

british slang term explained

Ping British Slang Meaning?


Yielding more than just a sound, 'ping' in British slang unveils a rich tapestry of communication nuances, beckoning deeper exploration.

informal british slang terms

Piles British Slang Meaning?


A cheeky dive into how 'piles' became British slang for haemorrhoids, uncovering the cultural shift towards open health discussions—read on for more.

exploring the term pike

Pike Meaning British Slang?


Jump into the quirky world of British slang and discover why 'Pike' means more than just a fish, leaving you eager for more.

british slang explained clearly

Piff Meaning British Slang?


A deep dive into 'Piff,' exploring its evolution from high-quality cannabis to a British slang symbol of excellence—discover its dynamic journey.

pickle british slang definition

Pickle British Slang Meaning?


British slang 'pickle' unveils a world where trouble brews, inviting curiosity into the quirky depths of language and culture.

understanding british slang terms

Pick N Mix British Slang Meaning?


Discover how 'Pick N Mix' in British slang captures the essence of diversity and personalization in the UK's cultural landscape.

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